Health Expo: The Brain

Hello, I’m here to tell you about the brain. At school we have been researching about the human body as the topic this term is about our bodies. I chose to research about the brain because we are doing a health expo on Wednesday 18th of the 11th. I did all my research and put my information on a poster. Since I can’ t write everything up on here, I hope a picture could do the same. Take a look.

How to keep your brain healthy

How to keep your brain healthy

Picture of brain

Picture of brain

My entire poster

My entire poster



The nervous system

The nervous system

What the brain looks like description

What the brain looks like description

Hope you have enjoyed my health expo about the brain! See you later!

Oaks Day?

Oaks day. What’s Oaks day? That’s probably what you’re thinking right now, no I’m not a mind reader, I’m just guessing. Well, students at NGPS know this day as Oaks day, but to you it would be… Come to school dressed up as a a person going to the Melbourne Cup and walk around doing the catwalk. It’s simple.

Well, one activity was were we had to write a description of what we were wearing and really ‘ham it up’ (Exactly what my teacher said) by really exaggerating and making things up about what we are wearing.  This is what I wrote about myself. Try to picture what I’m wearing in your head. If you can’t I didn’t do a good job. Here it goes.

Walking down the aisle is the mysterious Mr. T

Wearing red polyester buttoned river’s jacket. Its amber buttons and sewn fabric bring him to an astonishing style. Underneath the crimson, is a handmade polo shirt. It’s peach background and blue stripes give it a stunning visual, especially with the white accents. Its value will be made know to the public in two weeks’ time.

A deep shade covers his Denim jeans which are sewn with brown fabric giving it an outline of bold rustic.

To finish it off, on his feet are black breathable materials covered with white embroidery. Covered off with a textured fine white foam sole. Branded with the label, Fila.

As you should know, the Mr. T is actually me. If you didn’t get a picture in your head of what I was wearing, let me show you an actual picture of what I was wearing.

Hope you have enjoyed the post!


Posing with style, literally

Posing with style, literally

Ruler Reflex

Hi there, today this post is about reaction or reflex I don’t know the difference. The task was that we had to get a ruler and drop it while our hands try to catch it. It’s not that hard really if you concentrate on it.

Here are my results. By the way, the way we got the reaction speed was that we measured which number we caught the ruler on, starting from 1.

For the right hand we got 3 tries. First try, 29 cm. Second try, 7 cm. Third try, 49 cm.  My average for that was 28.333 Reaction time was 0.240341811.

My Left hand. First try, 15 cm. Second try, 20 cm. Third try, 45 cm. My average: 26.666  Reaction time: 0.302891266

This task was part of this maths thing that we are doing called Me in a minute.

My left hand was worse than my right hand at reaction and average.

In my group I had Cameron, and James with me. Cameron had the worst results, James had the best, and I was in the middle.


At first I actually thought that I would be really good at this reaction thing but it turns out that I was not the best at it.

Costa’s Levels of Questioning

Hey readers this blog post is about what do you know, Costa’s levels of questioning. Don’t go all higgly jiggly on me now, I’ll explain EVERYTHING. (That’s just exaggeration)

In class we have been focusing on Costa’s levels of questioning. Costa’s levels of questioning involves 3 levels of questioning.


The first level of questioning is basically you 5 W’s plus a h. (Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?) It’s called the literal level of questioning. It’s where you gather all the information. Let me give you some examples:

  • What is the name of the character?
  • Why are you reading this?
  • Where is your house? (Don’t answer that)

It’s the right in your face literal questions, you with me? (That’s a first level question)


The second level of questioning is the inferential area. It’s where you kind of make deeper thought into questions which means you use clues in the text to make a question. It’s a bit harder than the first level of questioning. Let me give you some examples:

  • Why did the main character act that way?
  • What are you thinking when you read this post?
  • Why would anyone drink toilet water? (Don’t ask)

There you go. To get these questions you kind of have to read between the lines…


The third level of questioning is evaluative. It’s where you evaluate the text and make a question to go with that. It’s basically making an opinion on the text. It could also be making a prediction or a theory on the text. They are also quite detailed. Let me give you some examples:

  • What is your opinion of this blog post?
  • Are you enjoying this blog post?
  • Is your mother sick? (Nothing personal)

It’s making judgments  about what you have read in the text.

Let’s go a little further  in the topic of questioning by asking some questions…

Why do we question? 

Well, it helps us understand more of the topic or text by getting that information that you wouldn’t normally get.

How does questioning help us with our learning? 

Um… I just said! It helps us understand more of the topic we are learning.

What are some activities we have done in class?

This activity and reading stuff on computers and asking questions… We also did this thing called Cornell Notes, which we had a sheet of paper that was neatly organised in boxes, and we wrote notes and made questions out of them.

What are some questions that you have developed from these activities? 

WHY are we doing these ACTIVITIES? (These next few questions have nothing to do with you but you can still read them) Why does the girl in the story like pretending to be upset? I give up! That’s it, good bye!

I mean it, see ya! (Post has ended)


Paper, an Infamous Maths Tool

Hello there reader, as the title suggests, this post is about paper and how it has been a maths tool in my grade.

When you think of paper, you think of drawing, writing, and paper planes! Especially paper planes. But paper planes also have maths in them. But today I’m not going to talk about paper plane maths, I’m going to talk about… paper maths. (Don’t be disappointed)Which is paper without the plane. So instead of planes we made lots of other different things which can be measured and recorded. Here they are:

First up Ladies and Gentlemen is the paper helicopter, if you don’t know what it looks like, look below.

The paper helicopter I was talking about

The paper helicopter I was talking about






Now all you do is you chuck it off the top of a building (If you want to) and it will (If you know how to follow instructions) spiral to the ground looking like a helicopter. If you want to learn how to make it click on this link Now we recorded how long it took to get to the ground, but we didn’t throw it off a building, we threw it off the moon! Jokes, we threw it off the top of the spider web which is quite tall. (Throwing it off the moon isn’t a good idea) The teacher had a stopwatch and was timing our descents. Here are my results. For the first attempt I got 4 seconds. Which I thought was pretty good. For the next attempt, I got 3 seconds, not good. But the last attempt was a miracle, I got 7 seconds! And the crowd goes crazy! (Which is meant to be you) But I soon found out that I was beaten by 8 seconds.

Next up is the surprisingly named 3,2,1 Pop! Now you must be wondering what in the world is it, well let me tell you a little something. That little something is what 3,2,1 Pop is. It’s actually just a combo of vinegar and baking soda, in a weird plastic holder thingamajig which had a lid. When you combined the elements it would (Supposedly) blast into the sky. Which was wrong. For ALL the attempts I got 0 m. All it did was fizz and let out all the precious pressure. Not good at ALL. My results for that were 0 m, 0 m, 0 m, you get it. If you want to know how to do it visit this site

The next thing is the Paper Rocket! It’s basically a rolled up piece of paper that gets launched by another rolled up piece of paper. It’s actually quite fun but you can’t really get it further than 8 m as I found out with my results which were 6.8 m, 8 m, and 5.4 m. Quite successful in the end. I didn’t put anything on the rocket but it still flew far enough.  Here’s what you need to make it Here’s the table of all the info:



From this data you can see that both my paper rocket and paper helicopter did better than my 3, 2, 1, pop.

The paper helicopter’s result mean is smaller than the paper rockets mean.


Things I did learn, be better at being fast at putting two things into one. (Referring to the 3, 2, 1, Pop!)

Well, I hope you have learned as much as I have, which isn’t a lot. See ya!

Bottle Rockets, My little friend, NOT!

Hi there reader, this post is about bottle rockets, you know a rocket which is actually a bottle filled with water and air blasted into the sky, that’s the thing. At school we all brought plastic bottles and made bottle rockets. I got mine in the nick of time, actually no. I got it at 8 in the morning and drunk all its water in 2 hours. Well I think I did.

Now this is the part where I have to answer some questions about my bottle rocket.

What was your prediction?

My prediction was that I would get the bottle to fly about 50 metres of the ground.

Did your prediction come true?

Guess what!? The opening of my bottle didn’t even fit the air compressor! Therefore I didn’t even get the bottle 1 cm off the ground. SO my prediction didn’t come true.

What would you do next time?

Well, I would get a smaller bottle. FULL STOP>.

That’s my very short reflection on my bottle rocket which completely FAILED. The end.

Please comment B^D (< that’s an emoticon icon that I made)

Genetically Altered the beginning

Hi there readers, sorry that I haven’t been posting on my blog, it’s just that the teacher hasn’t really been pushing us on that. But here is a post, it’s a story that I’ve been working on for a LONG TIME…


Lights blared all around. The distinctive noise of hover crafts filled the air. A lone figure ran on the street pushing through the crowd without stopping. Two other people were trailing behind her, going at the same pace. One of the pursuers reached to his belt and took out something black. The noise of the night was broken with an even louder noise; the sound of a gunshot. A flash of light and people were screaming everywhere. Still, through the chaos, three figures kept running. But one was for her life. She turned to her right, straight into a dark alley way. There was filth sitting around the corners. She looked up with a panicked expression on her face. She had hit a dead end. She looked frantically for a way out but there was none. She didn’t know what to do, or even why these two people were chasing her. All she knew was that they wanted her, dead or alive. She had put a big gap between her and those pursing her. She then slumped in the corner of the alley way, wondering what to do.


Clouds swirled overhead, dark clouds. The night was already settling in. A flash of light erupted from the midst of the clouds. A neon campaign poster for the year 2115 flickered slightly before short circuiting and going black. Then the heavens opened, raining drops of slightly deadly liquid. The rumbling of thunder rolled through the city. Then the power to the city was cut, electrical devices malfunctioned, the city had suddenly plunged into darkness.  The rain that pounded the city was a foul tasting acid rain. It would dissolve soft materials if you were to stand out in the rain for 2 hours. This didn’t bother Justice, the girl who was getting chased. Instead, it was the perfect cover.  She concentrated on the sickly transparent green droplets of water. She imagined being nothing, only the water droplets that fell. A thought at the back of her mind urged her to concentrate harder. Her pursuers turned into the alleyway just as her body faded into green mist. “Where’d she go?” said one man. “It’s like she disappeared into thin air!”

“She did.” A female voice aroused from the second pursuer. “Calling Sky hopper-01 to the Black thorn district, we lost teleknoid 5.” “We need you two to find her, or any information about her whereabouts.” She spoke discreetly into her communications device.

A voice crackled on the other side. “Rodger that.” The woman turned off her device. She then smiled; a smile that hinted evil.


A misty shadow in the shape of a human moved slowly towards a street that was dimly lit.  The figure then materialised into Justice. In the far distance Justice could hear the sirens of police crafts wailing, coming louder and louder.
They’re coming for me! Justice thought quietly to herself. A small trail of red illuminated the road behind her. She was bleeding. A shot at the side of her had started the whole pursuit. She groaned in pain. It hadn’t really affected her until now. Justice slightly crumpled to the ground clutching her side. Her hands were now covered in blood. Her head touched the tarmac, and she laid still.


A hover craft painted blue and white stopped gently beside Justices body on the ground. A man wearing a blue uniform exited the hover craft. “Is this the girl?” He asked as a second person exited the craft.

“Yes, this is her.” She replied hastily. “Grab her.” The man then bent down to grab her, when he stopped moving. “Why’d you stop?!” The woman said angrily.

“I can’t move…”


The man then floated up into the air still unmoving. “Help!” He shouted. Unsure what to do, the woman just stood there watching him float higher and higher. He then descended, falling at a fast pace. His screams filled the air, but stopped shortly after he smashed straight into the top of his craft. Glass shards flew everywhere, forcing the woman into a brace position. She then spoke. “What in the world just happened?!” Her hands were scratched with blood dripping down the side of her head. She scrambled around for her transmitter. The woman searched her belt and pockets furiously for the device. She then realised both her transmitter and electrified Taser was gone. “What the-” The woman said confused. “Where’d they go?!” She knew that the man beside her was badly wounded and that she needed help. “This is not good.” A blue flash of light and she was on the floor unconscious. The runaway Taser silently dropped on the ground. Everything was now silent. The only sound that could be heard was the noise of chemical rain. A figure wearing night vision googles peered down the side of the tree he was hiding in. He took a careful leap out from the tree and landed almost perfectly on the tarmac. He edged closer and closer to Justice lying on the ground. He put his hand on an earpiece which was a communications device. “Do you think she’s another one of us?” He said in a casual voice. “I’ll send you the images now.” What the boy saw on his visor was what the boy on the other side saw on a computer monitor. “You getting all this?” He asked.

“Yep, nice and clear.” The other boy answered.

“Good.” “I’ll send you my coordinates.” The boy keyed in some buttons on his wrist pad.

“How old is she?”

“She’s about 13, 14, you know, our age.”

“Does she have any powers?”

“Don’t know for sure, all I know is that she was getting chased by cops.”

“Ok, bring her back to base for testing.”

The boy put his hand down from his earpiece and looked at Justice on the ground. He then touched her hand and pressed a button on his wrist pad. “Hope this gadget works.” Almost immediately, the boy’s body and the girl’s body suddenly vaporised, turning into thin air. A touch of a button and they were gone. They disappeared just as 2 police craft came onto the scene. With horns blaring, both the craft stopped abruptly. All doors of the crafts opened.  4 officers came out with guns in their hands. “What happened here?” An officer asked.

“Don’t know, an attack maybe?” said another officer.

“Look up!”

All the officers turned their heads up to the night sky. A jet craft was landing in front of them. Its engines were propulsion rotors, loaded on both sides of the jet. 3 landing pads slowly came out from the belly of the plane. The rotors then stopped spinning. The aircraft was still. “Whose craft is this?” Asked the puzzled officer. The plane was a dim white in the dark of the night. The entrance ramp slowly lowered revealing two figures. They were wearing black flight suits with air nozzles protruding out of their suits. Their helmets were a sleek black with a tinted visor. “Uh… who are you two?” An officer asked.  The two didn’t answer or much less move. It had stopped raining and mist was floating off the tarmac. One of the pilot’s hands went to his belt, grabbing a long black energy weapon. “What the-” Before the officer could finish his sentence, a red thin bolt of energy burned straight through him leaving him dead. The other pilot did the same, grabbing a black weapon and shooting another officer.  “Get cover!” shouted an officer to his teammate. He then ducked behind a police hover craft holding his gun tensely. One of the officers killed had been their commander. Now they knew nothing of what to do. “Shoot’em!” He put his head above cover a fired a bullet that embedded itself into the pilots black armour uselessly. “Oh.” He ducked just as another shot went straight at him. The craft next to him exploded, raining scrap metal and glass shards everywhere. One of the officers was thrown back from the force of the explosion. “Billy!” shouted the other. He ran over to the officer, who was sitting up right, still recovering from the impact. “This is pointless.”

“You’re right, give them what they want.” Billy replies.

“What do they want?”  Another shot blew through the windows of the other craft. “Well, we can’t keep fighting for nothing.”

“Yeah, we need to find out.” “I’ll go.”

“Ok.” Said Billy. The other officer got up raising his hands in the air, in full sight of the pilots.

“What do you want?” Both the pilots had their guns pointing at the officer. “Just tell me what you-” A pilot fired. The officer flopped on the ground lifeless.

“What the-” Sweat dripped down the side of Billy’s head. “This is insane!” A clink of metal made him alert. A small black object rolled along beside him. “Crap.” An explosion erupted from the device. Red flames engulfed the road. The officer was immediately vaporised by the bomb. As the flames started to clear, three bodies were littered on the tarmac. A pilot put his hand on the side of his helmet. “All threats and witnesses of the scene have been neutralised.”

A voice came from the other side of the head set. “Good job, now search the place for clues on her whereabouts.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Both the pilots started searching the ground for traces. “Hey!” “Come over here and look at this!” One of the pilots shouted pointing at a patch of ground.

“What is it?” The other asked.

“It’s blood.”

“How can you be sure that it’s her blood?” “Just bring a sample of it back to base for analysis.” The pilot nodded, grabbing a capsule and taking a sample of the blood.  “Look at what I found.”


“Teleportation marks.”


“That’s her all right.”

“She has a teleportation device?”

“No, someone picked her up.”

“Who would use a teleportation device?”

“Probably one of those kids, you know, the ones that have super powers?”


“We’ve got a situation.” The pilot put his hand to his helmet. “Ma’am?”

“Yes what is it?”

“We’ve lost her to the rouges.” CLICK! The pilot put his hand down, and gave a sigh. “Get back to the ship.”

“Yes sir.” The pilots got on board the jet craft and started the flight procedure. The craft went up and away into the night sky, leaving the burning scene below them.


“Hello?’” “You awake yet?” A boy’s voice echoed in Justice’s head.

“Huh?” Justice stammered, seeing a boy looking at her. “Where am I?”

“You’re in the Rouge’s Head Quarters!”

“I’m in the what!?” “I’ve heard about you guys on TV!” “You’re wanted by the police and the government!”

“Yeah, but for the wrong reasons.”

Justice tries to get up, but is held down by black straps. “Hey, what!?”

“Sorry, we just need to test you for if you are, really one of us.”

The boy turned to a computer screen and keyed in a password. His fingers moved like a blur. “Ready in about 2 seconds.” “Ready, initiating procedure.”  A blast of blue light hit Justice. Her eyes squinted at the bright light. The boy smiled at the readings. The blue light suddenly faded leaving Justice to adjust her eyes again.  “Looks like we’ve got positive readings on her mutated cells.” “She’s one of us.”

Everyone in the main hall started clapping and cheering. Justice interrupted. “What if I don’t want to join you?”

“Then you can go back to the streets where we found you.” The boy’s expression on his face was dead serious.  Justice thought for a moment, and made her decision.

“I’ll stay.”

“Good, that’s what I thought.” The boy turned and walked away from the table. “And so it begins.”


Disclaimer (this is the part where you are so into the story that you need to read the next bit but you can’t) Boo hoo.

My name, in decimals!

Hi there reader! This post is a post about maths. The teacher has made a chart that converts each letter alphabet into a decimal number. As you should know,(if you follow my blog) my name is Timothy. I have a last name, but I am not allowed to reveal it.

The value of my full name is $2.80.

The most valuable name in my family is my name.

I only have 1 pet, and his name is Rocky, his name is worth $1.26.

The value of the name of my street is $2.79.

Here is a chart of the conversion: A=.27 B=.10 C=.12 D=.14 E=.27 F=.16 G=.18 H=.20 I=.27 J=.22 K=.24 L=.26 M=.28 N=.30 O=.27 P=.32 Q=.34 R=.36 S=.38 T=.40 U=.27 V=.42 W=.44 X=.46 Y=.27 Z=.48

Now that you now the conversion, what’s the value of your name? Please comment. Thanks for reading!

The Ballarat Times

Hi there readers! Today’s post is about the newspapers in the Australian gold rush. In Ballarat to be precise. Here’s the Ballarat times, written by me, edited by me, printed by the computer!


 June 10,-Eureka! That’s what I’ve been hearing of lately. James Norm, owner of a little shack, is now the owner of a big and beautiful nugget! It was the size of his palm. He was so full of happiness when he found the nugget. When he came out of the mine shaft, he had tears of joy running down his face. He exchanged the gold nugget for 656 pounds. Although today, all his money was stolen. The troopers still don’t know who stole it, as they are planning a holiday trip to Melbourne. James Norm also committed suicide today by jumping down a 400 feet mine shaft. His wife says that today has been a tragedy for her family. She said the tragedy was that the money was stolen, not that her husband committed suicide. She had only been married for a year and 6 months and has a child.  

Thanks for reading this post!

Squabbling Colonies

Hello there reader, this post is about why Australia needed federation, enjoy.

Australia, in the late 1800’s. Each colony-Victoria, New South Whales, South Australia, Western Australia, Queen’s Land, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory.

The colonies in the late 1800’s all acted independently, like separate countries. Some were acting like children, fighting about who was better. They all needed a solution.

Tasmania was struggling to get out of its convict past, Western Australia felt isolated from the eastern colonies, Queen’s Land had its own problems wanting to split into 3 separate colonies, and the Northern Territory felt neglected under Southern Australian control. The colonies of Australia, needed federation.

But of course there are Pros and there are Cons. Pros-everyone has the same train tracks, meaning everyone can get around easier. They can also share resources with each other. Cons- the individual governments of each colony would have to give up some power, and they would have to SHARE resources.

This continued until 1901, that was when federation was made, and the colonies of Australia were united under one name, Australia.