My Digital Learning Portfolio Presentation Reflection

Hello world!
Last night, I presented a presentation about my digital learning portfolio. This is my reflection of my presentation. The white hat thinking is all about the facts; I will tell you what I learnt for my presentation. I learnt how to write an engaging and entertaining script.
The yellow hat thinking is all about the good points. The good points in my awesome presentation were that I impressed my parents with my work and I was really proud of my achievements. The black hat thinking is all about the negative things and all the things that went wrong. The things that went wrong were that I had to keep looking at my script on my lap, because I hadn’t remembered it.
The red hat thinking is all about the feelings and the emotion. Before the presentation, I felt anxious and nervous that I would mess up when I was presenting. After the presentation, (which seemed like forever) I felt really, really relieved that I had finished my presentation. I also walked out of the door feeling proud. I also felt relaxed after the presentation because I didn’t have the pressure on me anymore. Lastly, the green hat thinking is about the ideas and improvements. The things that I would improve would be that I stop stuttering when I say my script and I would have tried to remember what I was going to say.
That is my reflection with the five thinking hats.6hats_640

5,4,3,2,1…. Reflection!

Earlier term 2, all of grade 5 went to the Immigration museum and the Sandridge Bridge. The Immigration museum told us about how immigrants traveled from their home country to Australia. The museum is actually built in the old customs house. The Sandridge Bridge was a very long bridge  that told us about people who came from other countries to Australia.

I never realized, that so many people actually migrated to Australia.It was a bit more boring than the Immigration museum. I think that if we could improve something I believe we could have been given more time to be on the bridge, to eat lunch, to eat recess, and to be in the museum.

Is Team Work, is good…


Joseph, Amy and me are doing effective research for our Passive energy house project.   

My team will need to be focused on the task so that we can get work done. Our team will also need to be organised and ready for our next tasks so that we can work faster and quicker. Our team also needs to organize roles for each team member so that everyone will be working and everything can be done. We will also need to communicate clearly so that everyone knows what they are meant to do and that it will be done properly. We will also need to respect each other ideas and thinking because we are all different and who knows! The idea might come useful sometime later in the project.