My Digital Learning Portfolio Presentation Reflection

Hello world!
Last night, I presented a presentation about my digital learning portfolio. This is my reflection of my presentation. The white hat thinking is all about the facts; I will tell you what I learnt for my presentation. I learnt how to write an engaging and entertaining script.
The yellow hat thinking is all about the good points. The good points in my awesome presentation were that I impressed my parents with my work and I was really proud of my achievements. The black hat thinking is all about the negative things and all the things that went wrong. The things that went wrong were that I had to keep looking at my script on my lap, because I hadn’t remembered it.
The red hat thinking is all about the feelings and the emotion. Before the presentation, I felt anxious and nervous that I would mess up when I was presenting. After the presentation, (which seemed like forever) I felt really, really relieved that I had finished my presentation. I also walked out of the door feeling proud. I also felt relaxed after the presentation because I didn’t have the pressure on me anymore. Lastly, the green hat thinking is about the ideas and improvements. The things that I would improve would be that I stop stuttering when I say my script and I would have tried to remember what I was going to say.
That is my reflection with the five thinking hats.6hats_640

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