Lights! Cameras! Action! Movie review: The Court Jester

For this holiday, I have been asked to write a movie review about the film: The Court Jester. It was filmed in 1955. It was directed by Melvin Frank, and Norman Panama. The fantastic show had a brilliant cast of Danny Kaye as “Hubert Hawkins”, Basil Rathbone as “Sir Ravenhurst”, Mildred Natwick as “Griselda the witch”, Angela Lansbury as “Princess Gwendolyn”, Glynis Johns as “Maid Jean”, Cecil Parker as “King Roderick 1”.

The story is about a group of rebels sheltering the young true heir of England. The rebels hide in the woods always running away from the false king of England and his royal guard. Hubert Hawkins the son of the Back Fox, goes on a quest with Jean to bring order to the kingdom. Their plan gets ushered on when the duo meet the great Giacomo, the king of jesters, and the jester of kings. Their plan is to get the key to the secret passage, and bring the young heir to the other side of the woods. How are they meant to get into the castle? Hubert dresses as the great Giacomo and enters the castle to get the key. But their plans are turned upside down when Giacomo is supposed to be a assassin for sir Ravenhurst and he is under a spell, by the witch Griselda, and Hubert has to get the key. How will he manage it all?

My favourite character is Hubert because he is a very talented man at making poems, rhymes and songs. He also has a funny expression and a humorous personality, and he is really funny.

One quote from the movie that I thought was very clever was this quote, Get it? Got it? Good. I think this because it is a very well know quote from the Court Jester. I also think that is would basically fit into anything you want to say to a person.

I would give this movie a star rating of 8 out of 10. Thank you for reading my movie review.

Hubert dressed as Giacomo, talking to sir Ravenhurst.



Griselda and the princess looking for Giacomo.

Hubert in a spell, asking for love to the princess.

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