Jeremy’s Adventure!

Hello there dear readers! I am putting this post up about Jeremy Scott. He is just a regular person like all of you. But he took on a challenge, that pushed himself to the limit. He took a challenge of riding a bicycle from England to New Zealand! If you were to look that up on the map, that would be a very long trip. The route he took passed through 29 countries. In total, he cycled 51,917 km! It took him 964 days! That would be 2 years and a half. Plus, he did all this to raise money for the charity! He’s not a super athlete. He even had a heart problem when he was younger, and yet, he did this…

Yesterday, we had Jeremy come to our class room and share his fascinating adventure with us. He brought his trusty bike along too. He talked to us and showed us pictures of his trip. After his presentation. We had a opportunity to ask him some questions. Almost everyone did, but I, kinda chickened out. So I didn’t ask him any questions that I had floating in my mind. When I didn’t get to ask a question, I felt kinda left out as well. But that was the past! Now, we move on to the future!

The 2 intriguing facts  that I caught from Jeremy’s presentation were that in Cambodia, He showed us a picture of a huge plate of food! It had fried rice, zucchini, carrots, egg and sausage, all for $1! That is a very, very, very, cheap meal. That was 1 fact now, the next fact is this: It doesn’t take a super human to traverse the world in a bike. Jeremy, has proven that.

Don’t look away now readers! The was also a message in the presentation of his whole journey. The message that hit me good was that, over time confidence builds, and you won’t be afraid to do something else as amazing as that. This changes my thinking because it makes me think that when I am afraid of something that I have to do, I will gain confidence as I do it.

Also! This text is a link to Jeremy’s Adventure Blog!


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