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Hi there dear reader, this is my post about my dream.

Jessica Watson was inspired when her mother read her book called ‘Lion Heart’. It was a story about an 18 year old boy called Jesse Martin. He was the youngest person who ever sailed the whole world. Also, she was inspired when a woman called Kay Cottee sailed around the world. She was the first women who sailed around the world unaided.

After all the inspiration her dream became, ‘to be the youngest person to sail around the world unaided and unsupported.’ In the end she accomplished her dream.

My dream is to either establish a very big food company or be a comic book artist. I am going to achieve this by: for making a big food company, I will start a small business and expand gradually. For a comic book artist, I will start drawing little comic strips but then, start making real comic books and get it published.

My inspiration for the food business is that my mum is the manager of Subway Gisborne. For the comic book artist, I believe that I’m a really good drawer, and that it isn’t really hard, you just have to strive to your goal. I really wanted to start a food business because I have always wanted to create food. It is like a piece of art.

I want to be a comic book artist because I really like comic books and the way the pictures can express a whole story. To work toward my dreams, I will have to start out small and over the years, I will grow my career. I will also have to practice cooking with my mum. Probably, I would enter graphic novel competitions to start out small.

I believe that everyone should have a dream to look towards to. I believe this because everyone should have a planned future ahead.

Thanks for reading my post about my dreams!

Hopefully my dreams come true…


6 thoughts on “My Dream

  1. Hi Tim
    In your my dream post I really like how you have put paragraphs about each segments like the first one is about Jessica’s dream and her inspiration and then the second paragraph is about your dream. I also like on your blog is your widgets because you have the weather, the local time and your revolver map. Tim I also like how you have done your blog simple and great. I cant wait till you get to make your blog even better.
    From Oscar

  2. Hi Tim,
    I like the bit you put at the end of your writing piece “hopefully my dreams come true”. You are really good when it comes to picking the right words for each sentence. Also A lot of blogs I visit including mine just have description and a link and thats it. I have one question for you…. Have you changed your theme or have you just changed the colour of you blog some how? Keep up the great work.
    Yours sincerely Molly

    • Hi Molly,
      I actually just tweaked my blog options and was able to change the colour of my blog. Also, thanks for all the encouraging words!
      From: Tim

  3. Hi Tim!
    Wow! For a start your blog is amazing. I really like your theme and it feels like your in space.
    I think that your dream is really good and I really think that you are a great drawer. I think being a comic book artist is a great dream because you are so good at it.

    • Hi Lyvia!
      Thanks for the comment, and I do think my dreams are awesome! I would just like to ask whether you commented on my blog because of the Student Blogging Challenge. Also, if you did, where do you come from? (as in country or state if in Australia). Thanks!


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