Student Blogging Challenge: Digital Foot Print Part 1 Activity 3

Hi there everybody!

I downloaded the Ghosterly extension for Google chrome in regards to the Student Blogging Challenge. It was really cool at first when I got it, I thought I was like going to be able to track down trackers. In the end I was totally shocked.

I went on Cool Maths Games and there were about 10 trackers on my tail. Most of them were for advertising so I pretty much blocked them out. That was the same for most of my other favorite sites. I found out though, that some trackers that I blocked out made the program stop running, so I had to allow the trackers that I thought were cool, to track me. I don’t really think that the trackers are really bad, some of them are just widget sites that are trying to record how many people visit your blog. I allowed those trackers.

I might start reconsidering what websites I chose to visit, though I still think that most of the trackers are harmless.

For you people reading this out there, you should get the Ghosterly extension for Google chrome from the apps icon.

N.G.P.S. Cyber Race reflection

Hello there reader!

As from the title of this post I will be typing about my NGPS Race reflection.

So, the first thing the whole class did was to list down the habits of the mind that we used and name us a reason. In the end we used all the habits of the mind. My group at first in my head had used no habits of the mind. That was what I thought… but I was proven wrong.

White Board discussion

The teachers asked us to list the 8 habits of the mind that we used in the entire race. In my head I was thinking about what we were going to do. A few of my team members then thought of ideas and then we were off. BANG! Going as fast as we could. In the end we listed these 8 habits of the mind: Persisting as number 1 most important, organisation as number 2, working interdependently as number 3, thinking flexibly as number 4, Listening with empathy and understanding as number 5, getting closer, Questioning and problem posing as number 6, 2 more to go, Applying past knowledge as number 7, and remaining open to continuous learning as the 8th and last one.

We then headed to the white board, one person per group (which was me for my group) and recorded down all your top 8.

We were then sent back and told to give each habit of ours a weighting. The 8 weightings had to add up to a hundred. Our weightings were for the first 30%, second 25%, third 15%, fourth 10%, fifth 9%, sixth 8%, seventh 2%, and last but not least (actually is the least) Eighth 1%.

We then created a delicious pie chart from the raw data. Look for yourself, satisfying isn’t it? Also we have the sorted data here too.

Pie chart for reflection               Sorted data for reflection

Below here is extremely raw data.

Snapshot 18          Snapshot 20

Now, what did I learn in relation to this task working in a team? I learnt that, you all have to work on the same thing to get it done much easier other than working on all different things at once. That’s what I learnt.