Student Blogging Challenge: Creative Master Piece

Hello there! If you are a student, and you have your own blog, and you are registered in the Student Blogging challenge, you probably already have this. For those who aren’t a student. This is a challenge from the Student Blogging challenge.

Be amazed by this wonderfully painted desert!

Desert painting


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4 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge: Creative Master Piece

  1. Hello Tim,
    well done for advertising the student blogging challenge on your blog.
    I think that your masterpiece is a great example of abstract art. Do you see yourself as an artist or was this challenge challenging for you?
    Mrs Kane

    • Hi Mrs Kane,
      I do think of myself a bit of an artist. The challenging part about this task was that I didn’t know what do do at first, I had so many options.
      In the end, I thought of something simple and in the end, came up with that piece of art.
      From: Tim.

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