Student Blogging Challenge: Digital Foot Print Part 1 Activity 3

Hi there everybody!

I downloaded the Ghosterly extension for Google chrome in regards to the Student Blogging Challenge. It was really cool at first when I got it, I thought I was like going to be able to track down trackers. In the end I was totally shocked.

I went on Cool Maths Games and there were about 10 trackers on my tail. Most of them were for advertising so I pretty much blocked them out. That was the same for most of my other favorite sites. I found out though, that some trackers that I blocked out made the program stop running, so I had to allow the trackers that I thought were cool, to track me. I don’t really think that the trackers are really bad, some of them are just widget sites that are trying to record how many people visit your blog. I allowed those trackers.

I might start reconsidering what websites I chose to visit, though I still think that most of the trackers are harmless.

For you people reading this out there, you should get the Ghosterly extension for Google chrome from the apps icon.

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