Student Blogging Challenge: It’s time for Celebration!

What brings out the inner joy and happiness, the comfort and warmth better than anything else? It’s a good celebration.

This was the new Student Blogging Challenge. We had to decorate our blog to a specific celebration that meant something to us. As you can see, I chose the Christmas theme. Christmas is a very special thing to me because I believe that Jesus was born on that day, and that is a big deal to me. Also, the presents! Who could forget about the presents! 

So, the best thing you could do know reader, is bare with this Christmas blog for a little while and enjoy the heart of Christmas!

Also, in thanks to for my Christmas header, thanks to for my Christmas background, and thanks to  for that fabulous Christmas widget on my side bar. Merry Christmas to All! (that was for the future when Christmas is actually here)



This picture is thanks to which I have no idea how that came about from the site.

6 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge: It’s time for Celebration!

  1. G’day Tim,
    What a great job describing why you chose Christmas as the celebration to decorate your blog. Love the background, header and widget.

    • Hi Miss W,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog, I told you that it was good didn’t I? Also, I look forward for the next student blogging challenge.

  2. Hello Tim,
    I really enjoyed reading your explanation in regard to your choice of celebration. I think I would have chosen the same.
    Oh…and I love the theme you have selected.
    Mrs Kane

    • Hi Mrs Kane,
      I didn’t actually change my theme, it is still the same theme from the start of the year, I just know how to make it all round awesome.

  3. G’day Tim,
    Once the weekly challenge about celebrations is over you can change your blog to whatever you want. It is your blog.

    The reason for doing that activity was to show you how easy it is to change the look of your blog to suit whatever is coming up.

    • Hi Miss W,
      thanks for answering my question! Also, thank you for reminding me that I am in full control of my blog and what to do with it.
      From: Tim

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