Student Blogging Challenge

Hi there readers!

I kind of got carried away with all my school work and things so I forgot to do the Student Blogging Challenge week:7. But, not to worry! I will be doing it here and now, read on…

If I were a Principal for a day I would have free time for half day, and order pizza for lunch. But, there is always the balance, the students would then have to clean up the yard, get lots of homework (me being a bit cruel here), and have to do all the gardening that is required in the school (me being extremely cruel here). Also, in the ‘half day free time, I would hire professional sport instructors for all the sporty people (jocks), Art specialists for art & craft lovers, and video gaming experts  to teach kids how to program games and design them. Those specialties are only for people who would be interested in them, the rest can do want they want in the yard. I probably would also give detention to all the teachers! (Jokes, no offense teachers)

I hope you have enjoyed my cruel/laid back plan of a day, if I were a Principal. Cheers, and out!

Kid principle

(note, I got this image of the internet, so that boy is not me and thanks for the photo:


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