Student Blogging Challenge: Game: Count Out Three & Nomination

Hi there readers!

This Student blogging challenge, was where I had to click on a blog on the student blogging challenge student blog list, then click on a blog in that blog, and then write a comment on that last blog. It’s really complicated, I know, just go to the Student Blogging Challenge website to know what I am saying.

Well, I was told to do this Game thing 3 times, but all the times I clicked on a blog, they never had a link to another blog, so I had to do only one. I went a blog called Tori’s blog, I then went on a blog on her blog called Emily’s Blog. I then posted a comment on the post “Count out of three nomination”. I chose that post to comment on because it was the first one I saw and actually looked through it well so I then looked for weaknesses on the blog and told her them on the comment.  So, there you have it!

Now, for the nomination, I nominated for the best individual blog Cali’s Blog because it was really organised and neat, and the headings were a bit funny and the text was good. I also then nominated for the newest blog a adults blog (weird) called Brenteria’s Blog. I nominated his blog because it was really organised, like Cali’s blog, and had very interesting subjects of talk.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my very long post of the student blogging challenge, goodbye and see you next time I write again. 🙂

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