How Long is my Pace Investigation…

Hi there reader!

This huge task was started when the teachers started an investigation unit about how long was our paces. We then estimated how long our paces were for walking, fast walking, jogging, and sprinting. We then headed down to the basketball courts and started measuring our paces, for walk, fast walk, jog, and sprint. How did we do that? Thanks to me I conceived a method of calculating our paces. We had to count how many paces it took us to get to the 20m line and divide 20 meters by how many paces we got. We then used the data and made it into graphs on our netbooks.

Here are the graphs I made below:

Also, here are some photos of us doing the measuring of the task. (note: these photos, might not be of me)

I hope you have enjoyed reading my analysis of the “How Long is my Pace Investigation”. Goodbye and see you next time I write!

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