Solar Boats!!

Hi there reader!

For the last 3 weeks of term 4, the grade 5’s and 6’s have been working on solar boats. We were all put into groups of 4. I on the other hand, was split from my partner and thrown into another group, even though we were first on the list. We then built, tested, modified, and tested again solar boats. Here is a picture of our Solar Boat: H2G0

Snapshot 31

It was the fastest boat of the grade fives that weren’t sent to the competition.

For this post, I have also made a comic strip on solar energy, it might tell you a lot of information but it theme related:

Solar Energy Comic


Click on the photo to enlarge.

I also made a slide show to show you about what we did to make the boat (pictures of us making the boat and doing things related to it)


I hope you have enjoyed reading my post about Solar Boats! Till next year, see ya!