Squabbling Colonies

Hello there reader, this post is about why Australia needed federation, enjoy.

Australia, in the late 1800’s. Each colony-Victoria, New South Whales, South Australia, Western Australia, Queen’s Land, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory.

The colonies in the late 1800’s all acted independently, like separate countries. Some were acting like children, fighting about who was better. They all needed a solution.

Tasmania was struggling to get out of its convict past, Western Australia felt isolated from the eastern colonies, Queen’s Land had its own problems wanting to split into 3 separate colonies, and the Northern Territory felt neglected under Southern Australian control. The colonies of Australia, needed federation.

But of course there are Pros and there are Cons. Pros-everyone has the same train tracks, meaning everyone can get around easier. They can also share resources with each other. Cons- the individual governments of each colony would have to give up some power, and they would have to SHARE resources.

This continued until 1901, that was when federation was made, and the colonies of Australia were united under one name, Australia.

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