My name, in decimals!

Hi there reader! This post is a post about maths. The teacher has made a chart that converts each letter alphabet into a decimal number. As you should know,(if you follow my blog) my name is Timothy. I have a last name, but I am not allowed to reveal it.

The value of my full name is $2.80.

The most valuable name in my family is my name.

I only have 1 pet, and his name is Rocky, his name is worth $1.26.

The value of the name of my street is $2.79.

Here is a chart of the conversion: A=.27 B=.10 C=.12 D=.14 E=.27 F=.16 G=.18 H=.20 I=.27 J=.22 K=.24 L=.26 M=.28 N=.30 O=.27 P=.32 Q=.34 R=.36 S=.38 T=.40 U=.27 V=.42 W=.44 X=.46 Y=.27 Z=.48

Now that you now the conversion, what’s the value of your name? Please comment. Thanks for reading!

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