Bottle Rockets, My little friend, NOT!

Hi there reader, this post is about bottle rockets, you know a rocket which is actually a bottle filled with water and air blasted into the sky, that’s the thing. At school we all brought plastic bottles and made bottle rockets. I got mine in the nick of time, actually no. I got it at 8 in the morning and drunk all its water in 2 hours. Well I think I did.

Now this is the part where I have to answer some questions about my bottle rocket.

What was your prediction?

My prediction was that I would get the bottle to fly about 50 metres of the ground.

Did your prediction come true?

Guess what!? The opening of my bottle didn’t even fit the air compressor! Therefore I didn’t even get the bottle 1 cm off the ground. SO my prediction didn’t come true.

What would you do next time?

Well, I would get a smaller bottle. FULL STOP>.

That’s my very short reflection on my bottle rocket which completely FAILED. The end.

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