Ruler Reflex

Hi there, today this post is about reaction or reflex I don’t know the difference. The task was that we had to get a ruler and drop it while our hands try to catch it. It’s not that hard really if you concentrate on it.

Here are my results. By the way, the way we got the reaction speed was that we measured which number we caught the ruler on, starting from 1.

For the right hand we got 3 tries. First try, 29 cm. Second try, 7 cm. Third try, 49 cm.  My average for that was 28.333 Reaction time was 0.240341811.

My Left hand. First try, 15 cm. Second try, 20 cm. Third try, 45 cm. My average: 26.666  Reaction time: 0.302891266

This task was part of this maths thing that we are doing called Me in a minute.

My left hand was worse than my right hand at reaction and average.

In my group I had Cameron, and James with me. Cameron had the worst results, James had the best, and I was in the middle.


At first I actually thought that I would be really good at this reaction thing but it turns out that I was not the best at it.