Oaks Day?

Oaks day. What’s Oaks day? That’s probably what you’re thinking right now, no I’m not a mind reader, I’m just guessing. Well, students at NGPS know this day as Oaks day, but to you it would be… Come to school dressed up as a a person going to the Melbourne Cup and walk around doing the catwalk. It’s simple.

Well, one activity was were we had to write a description of what we were wearing and really ‘ham it up’ (Exactly what my teacher said) by really exaggerating and making things up about what we are wearing.  This is what I wrote about myself. Try to picture what I’m wearing in your head. If you can’t I didn’t do a good job. Here it goes.

Walking down the aisle is the mysterious Mr. T

Wearing red polyester buttoned river’s jacket. Its amber buttons and sewn fabric bring him to an astonishing style. Underneath the crimson, is a handmade polo shirt. It’s peach background and blue stripes give it a stunning visual, especially with the white accents. Its value will be made know to the public in two weeks’ time.

A deep shade covers his Denim jeans which are sewn with brown fabric giving it an outline of bold rustic.

To finish it off, on his feet are black breathable materials covered with white embroidery. Covered off with a textured fine white foam sole. Branded with the label, Fila.

As you should know, the Mr. T is actually me. If you didn’t get a picture in your head of what I was wearing, let me show you an actual picture of what I was wearing.

Hope you have enjoyed the post!


Posing with style, literally

Posing with style, literally

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