Amazing Cyber Race!

Hello there readers! The amazing cyber race is a race that all of grade 5 are doing. We are divided into groups of 4. We each receive a itinerary word document to fill in the time and cost. We also had to collect various things and images on a word document. Each team member is worth 25,000 Australian dollars! So if we have a team of 4, we get a 100,000 Australian dollars to spend on our race! We need all that money because we have to buy tours, get accommodation, and buy meals. We also have to convert our money because not every place we go to has the price system of Australian dollars!  This page will bring you the experience to you! The group that I was given was Me, Nathanael, Zak, and Joshua.

Sydney Leg

For this leg, we had to travel to Sydney from Gisborne! We took a plane of course. When we arrived at Sydney, we had to all the things on the itinerary word doc. Sydney Leg –  This was a good leg because… We finished it!

Here are some images that we had to take on the trip.


Shark attack Oz jet boating                       Sydney tower bridge climb photo of us

Funny right?

London Leg

For this leg we had to travel from Sydney to London.  We stayed here for 2 days! Here is the itinerary word doc London race itenirary. Have a look at the document. Also here is the Race sheet racelondon. For this leg we didn’t finish.

Paris Leg

For this leg we had to travel by train, from London to Paris. This leg was shorter even though it was 2 days long. Here is my itinerary word doc Paris Itinerary. Also here is my Race sheet raceparis. For this leg we didn’t finish. We also created a reflection for the leg.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, how was my Paris leg, did it go well at all?

I have been asked to reflect on the Paris leg.

Being able to reflect upon my success is important because I will be able to identify my strengths and weaknesses so that I can be stronger for the next leg.

Before we did the task we were asked to research reflection tools.

I have decided to use a scale reflection to reflect on my learning. Though, I haven’t been with my group for most of the time because of T.O.M. (Tournament of the Minds). So maybe my judgement will be a bit out of place, but I have an excuse! T.O.M.! Anyway, here it goes:

Wait! Before I tell you my reflection, I must tell you how I went for the leg. We started out fine but then time flew off and we didn’t finish. That was really sad. Back to the reflection!

For how well we stayed on task, I rate ourselves a 4 out of 5. Most of the time we used a medium tone of voice, so I would rate ourselves for noise level a 3 out of 5. For how well we listened, I would give us 2 out of 5 because we kinda argued and didn’t listen to each other. How well did we help each other? I give us 3 out of 5 for that.

For how well we worked together, I would give ourselves 3 out of 5. We left some tasks incomplete so I would give ourselves 4 out of 5 for not completing all the tasks. Most of the time we had a positive attitude because we really wanted to finish. But we had to accept the fact that we didn’t, our positive attitude rating that I give ourselves is, 4 out of 5! Now, did the group care about their work or completely didn’t care about their work? I would give us 5 out of 5. We really cared about our work but we just argued a bit too much that we didn’t finish.

Why? Why did we not finish? We didn’t finish because we argued and didn’t have the right information that we were required to have obtained. Also, most of the time, I was away at T.O.M.

I think what we should do next time is to spend our time carefully and work together more. Also we should be all getting the right and the same information.

I’m hoping that our group will succeed next time because of our reflection.

Thank you for reading to my reflection.






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