Australian Federation

This page is about the Australian Federation.

In 1868, convict transport to Australia stopped. That was Australia trying to leave their convict past behind. Australia was by now full of free settlers, but the colonies were still squabbling about each other. They needed federation.

They say that Henry Parkes is the father of federation. He was one of the people who  believed that the Australian Colonies should come together and become one big country. He was a journalist, poet, and a political survivor. He was the Premier of NSW in 1888 for 5 terms, which is approximately 15 years. He was a determined and persistent man. Since being a journalist and a poet, he has a way with words. In 1889, he had a secret conversation with someone and he bragged that he could get the colonies to federate in a year. Obviously, he didn’t do it in a year. He did it in 12 years. In 1901, Australia become a federation, and on that day, he spoke a speech that would be remembered through Australian History. One famous line in his speech was this: “What Americans could do in war, surely we Australians can do in peace.”

If Henry Parkes never existed, Australia probably wouldn’t be the Australia we know today.

The Tenterfield address. This speech was made by Henry Parkes, this speech veered Australia on a path to becoming a federation.

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