Hello there reader,

Today, I want to show you how much I have accomplished with my blogging. Well, I didn’t want to show you, but the teachers did. I had to find evidence on 3 blog posts that showed a lot of accomplished  blogging things. Below this text is a Word document link to a word doc that has all 3 of my posts with evidence.

What type of blogger are you evidence

After doing that I was asked to do a 54321 reflection on my blogging:

What type of blogger 54321reflection

I hope you will comment on this page after looking at the word documents. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Hi Tim
    I really love your blog because when you go into your blog you can hear the pumped up music and all the effort you put in to make new pages and great blog posts. I think that this is a great blog. Also you are awesome!

  2. Hi Oscar,
    can you really hear the music? I’m pretty sure that the post that has the music is dated waaaaaayy back to the (almost) start of the year. Also, thanks for the reminder about ” I AM AWESOME!”. I also think that your blog is epic( when I say epic, I mean that your blog needs a little bit of tweaking(when I say your blog needs a little bit of tweaking, I mean a lot of tweaking ( when I say tweaking I mean fixing!)))

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