Digital Footprint

Welcome to my amazing Digital Footprint page! A digital footprint is when you leave a trail of all your cyber activities on the internet, phones, game consoles and tablets. Basically, you are always leaving a digital footprint. Whether it may be a surveillance camera or taking a phone call. You are always being watched, or recorded. The cyber world is actually a very dangerous place, that is why you need to create a anonymous character of yourself to show to the world. That is what a digital footprint is to my eyes. Click on the blue text to view our class rubric of blog posts, Blog rubric

2 thoughts on “Digital Footprint

  1. Tim,
    well done for completing all the tasks we had identified in class as the ‘must haves’.
    I am impressed with the way you are attempting to engage your global audience with catchy titles and expressive language in your blog posts.
    Fantastic effort!
    Mrs Kane.

  2. Hi Mrs Kane,
    thank you for saying good things about my blog. You are the first person to comment on this blog page.

    From: Tim

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