Solar Boats!!

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For the last 3 weeks of term 4, the grade 5’s and 6’s have been working on solar boats. We were all put into groups of 4. I on the other hand, was split from my partner and thrown into another group, even though we were first on the list. We then built, tested, modified, and tested again solar boats. Here is a picture of our Solar Boat: H2G0

Snapshot 31

It was the fastest boat of the grade fives that weren’t sent to the competition.

For this post, I have also made a comic strip on solar energy, it might tell you a lot of information but it theme related:

Solar Energy Comic


Click on the photo to enlarge.

I also made a slide show to show you about what we did to make the boat (pictures of us making the boat and doing things related to it)


I hope you have enjoyed reading my post about Solar Boats! Till next year, see ya!

Smoking? Nah, it ain’t bad, Right?

Hi there reader,

Smoking is well know for killing people and giving them cancer. But, not only that, it brings poverty, growing the tobacco diverts prime land away from growing food for people,and  it damages the environment. A lot of people have tried to stop the smoking companies, but they keep coming back. They have been influencing adults, and even kids to smoke! Now, let’s talk about what smoking does in real detail.

Smoking kills, we all know that, but did you know that smoking:

  • Is the second big killer of the world?
  • A person dies every 1 of 6 seconds because of smoking?
  • It kills up to half of all smokers?
  • killed 100 million people in the 20th century?
  • Makes a smoker lose about 20 years of life expected to a normal person who doesn’t smoke?

Smoking brings poverty because once someone is hooked, he can’t get of it. He will then have to spend money on buying more and more cigarettes to smoke.

Smoking diverts land that could be used for growing food because when the tobacco companies say they are using “minor” land to grow, they mean enough land to deprive about 10 million to 20 million people of food.

Smoking damages the environment by:

  • Land being destroyed to make room for growing tobacco plants
  • Tobacco uses a lot of water and is sprayed with pesticide and therefore damages the water supply
  • A lot of wood is used to help cure tobacco plants when they are unhealthy

In 1987, the world’s worst forest fire caused by cigarettes happened in China, killing 300 people, making 5,000 people homeless, and destroying 1.3 million hectares of land.

I hope that you have learned to either stop smoking, or what the effects of smoking has done to the world, if you want the world to be a better place, don’t smoke, don’t buy tobacco and stop tobacco companies, I’m not saying to storm into a factory and demand a shutdown, but to do as much as you can in your power to make a difference.

Here are some links to websites about Smoking:, and

The first picture here is from

This photo is from

How Long is my Pace Investigation…

Hi there reader!

This huge task was started when the teachers started an investigation unit about how long was our paces. We then estimated how long our paces were for walking, fast walking, jogging, and sprinting. We then headed down to the basketball courts and started measuring our paces, for walk, fast walk, jog, and sprint. How did we do that? Thanks to me I conceived a method of calculating our paces. We had to count how many paces it took us to get to the 20m line and divide 20 meters by how many paces we got. We then used the data and made it into graphs on our netbooks.

Here are the graphs I made below:

Also, here are some photos of us doing the measuring of the task. (note: these photos, might not be of me)

I hope you have enjoyed reading my analysis of the “How Long is my Pace Investigation”. Goodbye and see you next time I write!

Student Blogging Challenge: Game: Count Out Three & Nomination

Hi there readers!

This Student blogging challenge, was where I had to click on a blog on the student blogging challenge student blog list, then click on a blog in that blog, and then write a comment on that last blog. It’s really complicated, I know, just go to the Student Blogging Challenge website to know what I am saying.

Well, I was told to do this Game thing 3 times, but all the times I clicked on a blog, they never had a link to another blog, so I had to do only one. I went a blog called Tori’s blog, I then went on a blog on her blog called Emily’s Blog. I then posted a comment on the post “Count out of three nomination”. I chose that post to comment on because it was the first one I saw and actually looked through it well so I then looked for weaknesses on the blog and told her them on the comment.  So, there you have it!

Now, for the nomination, I nominated for the best individual blog Cali’s Blog because it was really organised and neat, and the headings were a bit funny and the text was good. I also then nominated for the newest blog a adults blog (weird) called Brenteria’s Blog. I nominated his blog because it was really organised, like Cali’s blog, and had very interesting subjects of talk.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my very long post of the student blogging challenge, goodbye and see you next time I write again. 🙂

Student Blogging Challenge

Hi there readers!

I kind of got carried away with all my school work and things so I forgot to do the Student Blogging Challenge week:7. But, not to worry! I will be doing it here and now, read on…

If I were a Principal for a day I would have free time for half day, and order pizza for lunch. But, there is always the balance, the students would then have to clean up the yard, get lots of homework (me being a bit cruel here), and have to do all the gardening that is required in the school (me being extremely cruel here). Also, in the ‘half day free time, I would hire professional sport instructors for all the sporty people (jocks), Art specialists for art & craft lovers, and video gaming experts  to teach kids how to program games and design them. Those specialties are only for people who would be interested in them, the rest can do want they want in the yard. I probably would also give detention to all the teachers! (Jokes, no offense teachers)

I hope you have enjoyed my cruel/laid back plan of a day, if I were a Principal. Cheers, and out!

Kid principle

(note, I got this image of the internet, so that boy is not me and thanks for the photo:


Student Blogging Challenge: It’s time for Celebration!

What brings out the inner joy and happiness, the comfort and warmth better than anything else? It’s a good celebration.

This was the new Student Blogging Challenge. We had to decorate our blog to a specific celebration that meant something to us. As you can see, I chose the Christmas theme. Christmas is a very special thing to me because I believe that Jesus was born on that day, and that is a big deal to me. Also, the presents! Who could forget about the presents! 

So, the best thing you could do know reader, is bare with this Christmas blog for a little while and enjoy the heart of Christmas!

Also, in thanks to for my Christmas header, thanks to for my Christmas background, and thanks to  for that fabulous Christmas widget on my side bar. Merry Christmas to All! (that was for the future when Christmas is actually here)



This picture is thanks to which I have no idea how that came about from the site.

Student Blogging Challenge: Digital Foot Print Part 1 Activity 3

Hi there everybody!

I downloaded the Ghosterly extension for Google chrome in regards to the Student Blogging Challenge. It was really cool at first when I got it, I thought I was like going to be able to track down trackers. In the end I was totally shocked.

I went on Cool Maths Games and there were about 10 trackers on my tail. Most of them were for advertising so I pretty much blocked them out. That was the same for most of my other favorite sites. I found out though, that some trackers that I blocked out made the program stop running, so I had to allow the trackers that I thought were cool, to track me. I don’t really think that the trackers are really bad, some of them are just widget sites that are trying to record how many people visit your blog. I allowed those trackers.

I might start reconsidering what websites I chose to visit, though I still think that most of the trackers are harmless.

For you people reading this out there, you should get the Ghosterly extension for Google chrome from the apps icon.

N.G.P.S. Cyber Race reflection

Hello there reader!

As from the title of this post I will be typing about my NGPS Race reflection.

So, the first thing the whole class did was to list down the habits of the mind that we used and name us a reason. In the end we used all the habits of the mind. My group at first in my head had used no habits of the mind. That was what I thought… but I was proven wrong.

White Board discussion

The teachers asked us to list the 8 habits of the mind that we used in the entire race. In my head I was thinking about what we were going to do. A few of my team members then thought of ideas and then we were off. BANG! Going as fast as we could. In the end we listed these 8 habits of the mind: Persisting as number 1 most important, organisation as number 2, working interdependently as number 3, thinking flexibly as number 4, Listening with empathy and understanding as number 5, getting closer, Questioning and problem posing as number 6, 2 more to go, Applying past knowledge as number 7, and remaining open to continuous learning as the 8th and last one.

We then headed to the white board, one person per group (which was me for my group) and recorded down all your top 8.

We were then sent back and told to give each habit of ours a weighting. The 8 weightings had to add up to a hundred. Our weightings were for the first 30%, second 25%, third 15%, fourth 10%, fifth 9%, sixth 8%, seventh 2%, and last but not least (actually is the least) Eighth 1%.

We then created a delicious pie chart from the raw data. Look for yourself, satisfying isn’t it? Also we have the sorted data here too.

Pie chart for reflection               Sorted data for reflection

Below here is extremely raw data.

Snapshot 18          Snapshot 20

Now, what did I learn in relation to this task working in a team? I learnt that, you all have to work on the same thing to get it done much easier other than working on all different things at once. That’s what I learnt.



What is Australia’s most popular car colours?

Hello there reader,

Do you know that the teachers assigned us with a new task! I’m sure you’re wondering what the task is, right? Well, the title of this little segment might give you a clue. Yes, it has something to do with colours. Yes, it has something to do with cars, and yes, it has something to do with New Gisborne. The task that the teachers gave us was… actually a question, it was: ‘What is Australia’s Most Popular car colours?’ Doesn’t sound to hard right?

First! We were asked to predict a prediction about which colour we thought would be the most popular. I thought about it for a long, long time. Finally, I got something! But then I changed it. I then came up with, Black! I thought this colour would be a top notch colour because, it doesn’t get very dirty, or if it did get dirty, you wouldn’t be able to see it! I then thought of a few other colours that I had in mind. I asked the teacher whether I could write down more than one colour that I would predict. Guess what? She said yes! I then quickly jotted my ideas down. Grey was one idea, I thought grey because it is a very standard colour for cars. I also thought about Yellow, I thought it was going to be a top of the chart colour because there are heaps of taxis and taxis buses. Also we had a conversation on the whiteboard! Look, below, for image.

White Board discussion


After doing all that, the teachers asked us to think of 10 colours that we would record. We chose white, black, silver, grey, yellow, red, blue/navy blue, green, maroon, and- wait! The teachers then changed the last colour to an ‘other’ category.

The next day, we took a hard stroll to the train station. Do you know why it was such a hard stroll? Why? Because every car colour that went by, every car colour that was parked had to be tallied. So, I had walk to the station, recording every stinking car colour that went by or was parked and then walk back to school.

Shortly after the collection of data we converted it, from fraction to decimal, from decimal to percentage. My grand total was… 282! Though it wasn’t that at first until I double checked and found out that my previous total was incorrect. In the end we worked everything out and got a hundred percent! Here’s another photo, but this time, it’s my conversion!



Then we used the raw data and cooked it into a nice delicious pie graph. Every sector is a colour. How big a sector is depending on its percentage. It actually looks really good after all the hard work. Below is a picture of my delicious pie graph, so tasty!

Pie chart



Next, we had a great big discussion. We had this discussion because everyone was not getting a hundred percent! Everyone except for a few of us. The teacher then realised (with my help) that the total number of cars is the culprit making every one have either over a hundred percent, or below a hundred percent. We then researched and found out that there were about 31,600 cars in the Macedon Ranges. Our totals were then very small to the great grand total of the Macedon Ranges. Our totals were about one percent. So, we found out that our total was not valid to be the whole Macedon Ranges total. Then we had to change our titles. Instead of the Macedon Ranges most popular car colours, it would have to be New Gisborne’s most popular car colours.

Well, now we had to see if our data matched up with a website that we found. The information on the website said that White, Black, Grey, and silver was 70% of the car colours out of 9000 cars. Actually, all my White, Black, Grey, and silver percentages added up to… 70%!

That was the end of the investigation. Now for a short reflection! What was the hardest thing in the investigation? I think that the hardest thing to do in the investigation was to actually record the information of the car colours. It was so, so hard because, you would have to walk around not knowing where you would be going and recording everything in your maths book. Also by the time I came back with body was aching.

Thank you for reading this post about my car colour investigation!

Here is a link to the website we used for information. Car colours.