Let’s Vote on it!

This page is dedicated to our new inquiry unit of Australian Government. To start the inquiry unit off, we watched a short video clip about how Australia became a federation. The teacher then asked us to list a page full of wondering. We then were asked to pick out 3 questions from the page and research on them.

My first question was why didn’t Australia become a republic and be single from Britain? My second question was when was the British Government created? My third question was what happens when the PM dies in office?

This is what I found out for question 1.

Australia had a republic referendum in 1999 to find out whether the people wanted Australia to be a republic or become part of the commonwealth. The people mostly elected republic but was defeated due to the monarchist groups and their thought of a president.

This is what I found out for question 2.

Before there was parliament in Britain, there were houses like the Upper house and the House of Commons. The people then had arguments and then created the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

This is what I found out for question 3.

If the PM died, a person from his party will take over while the permanent replacement is found. If the people don’t like the new PM they would have a vote again to get a new PM.

I got most of this information from Wiki but the last question’s  information was from Yahoo answers.

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