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Hi there, this is an update!

From the start of the year we have been doing a mathematics worksheet which continuously gets harder as I progress through. This is not any typical kind of work sheet, this is New Wave Mentals, called NWM in short. Sometimes hard and sometimes easy. I am currently achieving an average of 70% accuracy on my NWM. My mathematics goal for term 4 is to achieve 90% percent accuracy on my NWM. I will achieve this by identifying what I need to work on. To identify my glitches, I will revise my work and find what I have done wrong. After that, I will research information on the net book and stay for lunch time clinics to (hopefully) learn new skills.

Why are we putting up boring maths goals on our blogs anyway? Well, I don’t know, I will have to ask the teacher. Til next time folks! (I used that from the end of Warner Bros cartoons)-(that was for Acknowledgement)

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