Passive Energy House

Hello there! Last week we were given a task to build a Passive energy house. There was a lot of criteria to include in the house like, a water storage and collection system, all four elements of a passive house, that includes: insulation, distribution, orientation, and thermal mass.  Also, the base of the house had to have a maximum length of 500 mm and a maximum width of 400 mm. The house also had to have a roof with a maximum area of 3000 cm squared, it also had to have hinges, so that the roof could lift off and close. We also needed to include solar panels on the house so that it could power a globe. All of us got into teams as well because this was a team project and we needed all the help we could get. In my team, I was partnered up with Joseph, Amy, and Bella. There were also steps to building the house. They were : first, we had to research information about a Passive house because we had no idea of what so ever of what a passive house was. The next step was to have a agreed plan of how the house would look like. Then we would have to put our ideas of how the house would look like onto paper, with a pencil. Then we would get all the materials and start building! Oh wait not to fast! We would also have to measure to build. This task would need these habits of mind: persisting, organisation, and thinking flexibly. For me, this would be a challenge of brain power, drawing skills (that’s me), and accuracy( for building).  That’s all that I can tell you for now dear reader.

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