Sydney Harbour Bridge Climbing Experience brought to you!

The Sydney Harbour Bridge came into full view after a long time of travelling in the taxi. I stuck my head out of the open window to get a good glimpse of the bridge. Joshua, Zak, Nathanael, and I all sat tight in the cab, waiting to be dropped off. Excitement flooded into our hearts, when we won tickets for the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb. Immediately after we won the tickets, we hired a cab and set off to Sydney. It has taken us about 9 hours to get here. The cab jerked to a stop. We all flopped forwards, and back again. Josh opened the door with a sigh of relief. We all hopped outside and stared at the Bridge. Thoughts rushed through my head. We were going to climb that honking Bridge, made out of tons of steel. I then payed up $1407 to the taxi driver! That was a total rip off!
I turned my head to look at my friends, but they were already running towards the administration desk. I started to run but I suddenly stopped. Zak looked at me with a look that said “You’ve got the tickets, haven’t you?” I smirked at them. I walked slowly towards the booth with power in my stride. I proudly handed over the tickets to the person behind the desk. He then passed us suits to put on. We were also given a guide to lead us to the top of the Bridge. He was holding climber belts. We walked all the way to the start of the climb. The tour guide then passed us the climber belts and told us to put them on. He put on his own and attached our latches to the railing.
He started jogging up the stairs ushering us to follow. Nathanael raced up the steps, while the rest of us climbed up slowly. Nathanael had already reached the second floor, but he was panting out of breath. I followed the tour guide who was totally more experienced than any of us at climbing bridges. He was also a way lot older than us, he was, like about 35, and we were 10 years old! He climbed up the stairs efficiently and as fast as an athlete and we scaled as slow as a tortoise. Nathanael was already worn out. We clambered the stairs for what seemed like forever, especially with the suit and the safety belt weighing us down. Most of the time, our tour guide waited for us to catch up with him. After 2 whole hours of taking stairs, strolling cat walks, hiking ladders, wobbling on uneven surfaces, going on narrow paths, being exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, we got to the top!
The view was magnificent from the top. The Australian flag flailing in the wind behind me. Australia’s National icon known worldwide had been conquered, by me, Timothy. From the top we could see the miniature pint-sized cars speeding across the ground. We could see small boats flying on the surface of the harbour, leaving a trail of white water behind them. We could also see the Sydney Opera House! It’s big white, curved roof pointing towards us. The chilled flow of air brushed past my face. Zak then asked the tour guide whether he could spew off the edge. Of course the tour guide said he couldn’t, but he did. I stuck my head over the edge and saw the yellowish, greenish, lumpy, cloudy barf fall down into the glittering water below. I was disgusted by Zak’s actions. Though, we were all sniggering about it on the way home. In the cab, I looked back at the Sydney Harbour Bridge, remembering the truly electrifying experience. This was one day I would not forget!

Below this text is my Video/Audio recording of the task.