Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore!

Hi there! It’s me again!

Yesterday, we watched a really fantastic short film called: Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. It was a show that had no dialogue! Imagine that! The only way the filmmaker could communicate to us watchers was to use music, expressions, and pictures. (Of course pictures! It’s a movie!)   Anyway, since you didn’t watch it, I will put the movie in words for you. Enjoy.

Mr. Morris Lessmore was writing peacefully in his book with his books, sitting on the veranda, in the middle of a town, in the middle of nowhere. Now, Mr. Morris Lessmore was more of a book worm. He enjoyed a good book. He also enjoyed writing them. Though, he hadn’t really ever written a book, but he was going to. He was already halfway through writing and drawing in the book when dark clouds flooded the sky. Like an army of darkness, it swarmed the blue blocking out the sun. All was still. Until, a little breeze picked up a couple of sheets of paper, and tossed them around like feathers. It wasn’t enough to break Mr. Morris’ concentration. He was focused on writing about his life experiences and drawing a picture of a jack in the box. All was still again, but the wind did not give up. It sent a fury of wind that ripped at the ground, scraping away at objects from the grasp of gravity.  From the heavens above, came down to earth, a tornado of devastation. The whole town was uprooted from the ground into the midst of flight. Mr. Morris was tossed around like a piece of dust in a vacuum cleaner, except, the vacuum cleaner was a deadly tornado. Everything was destroyed in a blur. Very soon the colour was sucked out of the town. That left Mr Morris on the ground with his book filled with blank pages. All the books that he owned were ripped apart and scattered all around the town. Mr Morris Lessmore got up and followed the trail of pages. At the end of the trail Mr Morris met a girl, flying in the sky, carried by flying books. The girl brought colour to the place, but not to the people like Mr Morris. The girl then sent down her book to guide Mr Morris, to the library.

Very soon he engaged a life of taking care of books and adding colour to people’s lives. He then soon got old and was carried away by another set of flying books. He then got back his youth and let his book go down back to the library to start a new beginning.

The message that I found in this short film, was that reading books bring happiness and colour to a person’s heart. I also found out that music can emphasise emotions and feelings.

Thank you for reading my post about the Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore. You can also search up on YouTube “Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore”. See ya next time!


Jeremy’s Adventure!

Hello there dear readers! I am putting this post up about Jeremy Scott. He is just a regular person like all of you. But he took on a challenge, that pushed himself to the limit. He took a challenge of riding a bicycle from England to New Zealand! If you were to look that up on the map, that would be a very long trip. The route he took passed through 29 countries. In total, he cycled 51,917 km! It took him 964 days! That would be 2 years and a half. Plus, he did all this to raise money for the charity! He’s not a super athlete. He even had a heart problem when he was younger, and yet, he did this…

Yesterday, we had Jeremy come to our class room and share his fascinating adventure with us. He brought his trusty bike along too. He talked to us and showed us pictures of his trip. After his presentation. We had a opportunity to ask him some questions. Almost everyone did, but I, kinda chickened out. So I didn’t ask him any questions that I had floating in my mind. When I didn’t get to ask a question, I felt kinda left out as well. But that was the past! Now, we move on to the future!

The 2 intriguing facts  that I caught from Jeremy’s presentation were that in Cambodia, He showed us a picture of a huge plate of food! It had fried rice, zucchini, carrots, egg and sausage, all for $1! That is a very, very, very, cheap meal. That was 1 fact now, the next fact is this: It doesn’t take a super human to traverse the world in a bike. Jeremy, has proven that.

Don’t look away now readers! The was also a message in the presentation of his whole journey. The message that hit me good was that, over time confidence builds, and you won’t be afraid to do something else as amazing as that. This changes my thinking because it makes me think that when I am afraid of something that I have to do, I will gain confidence as I do it.

Also! This text is a link to Jeremy’s Adventure Blog!


My Digital Learning Portfolio Presentation Reflection

Hello world!
Last night, I presented a presentation about my digital learning portfolio. This is my reflection of my presentation. The white hat thinking is all about the facts; I will tell you what I learnt for my presentation. I learnt how to write an engaging and entertaining script.
The yellow hat thinking is all about the good points. The good points in my awesome presentation were that I impressed my parents with my work and I was really proud of my achievements. The black hat thinking is all about the negative things and all the things that went wrong. The things that went wrong were that I had to keep looking at my script on my lap, because I hadn’t remembered it.
The red hat thinking is all about the feelings and the emotion. Before the presentation, I felt anxious and nervous that I would mess up when I was presenting. After the presentation, (which seemed like forever) I felt really, really relieved that I had finished my presentation. I also walked out of the door feeling proud. I also felt relaxed after the presentation because I didn’t have the pressure on me anymore. Lastly, the green hat thinking is about the ideas and improvements. The things that I would improve would be that I stop stuttering when I say my script and I would have tried to remember what I was going to say.
That is my reflection with the five thinking hats.6hats_640

5,4,3,2,1…. Reflection!

Earlier term 2, all of grade 5 went to the Immigration museum and the Sandridge Bridge. The Immigration museum told us about how immigrants traveled from their home country to Australia. The museum is actually built in the old customs house. The Sandridge Bridge was a very long bridge  that told us about people who came from other countries to Australia.

I never realized, that so many people actually migrated to Australia.It was a bit more boring than the Immigration museum. I think that if we could improve something I believe we could have been given more time to be on the bridge, to eat lunch, to eat recess, and to be in the museum.