What is Australia’s most popular car colours?

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Do you know that the teachers assigned us with a new task! I’m sure you’re wondering what the task is, right? Well, the title of this little segment might give you a clue. Yes, it has something to do with colours. Yes, it has something to do with cars, and yes, it has something to do with New Gisborne. The task that the teachers gave us was… actually a question, it was: ‘What is Australia’s Most Popular car colours?’ Doesn’t sound to hard right?

First! We were asked to predict a prediction about which colour we thought would be the most popular. I thought about it for a long, long time. Finally, I got something! But then I changed it. I then came up with, Black! I thought this colour would be a top notch colour because, it doesn’t get very dirty, or if it did get dirty, you wouldn’t be able to see it! I then thought of a few other colours that I had in mind. I asked the teacher whether I could write down more than one colour that I would predict. Guess what? She said yes! I then quickly jotted my ideas down. Grey was one idea, I thought grey because it is a very standard colour for cars. I also thought about Yellow, I thought it was going to be a top of the chart colour because there are heaps of taxis and taxis buses. Also we had a conversation on the whiteboard! Look, below, for image.

White Board discussion


After doing all that, the teachers asked us to think of 10 colours that we would record. We chose white, black, silver, grey, yellow, red, blue/navy blue, green, maroon, and- wait! The teachers then changed the last colour to an ‘other’ category.

The next day, we took a hard stroll to the train station. Do you know why it was such a hard stroll? Why? Because every car colour that went by, every car colour that was parked had to be tallied. So, I had walk to the station, recording every stinking car colour that went by or was parked and then walk back to school.

Shortly after the collection of data we converted it, from fraction to decimal, from decimal to percentage. My grand total was… 282! Though it wasn’t that at first until I double checked and found out that my previous total was incorrect. In the end we worked everything out and got a hundred percent! Here’s another photo, but this time, it’s my conversion!



Then we used the raw data and cooked it into a nice delicious pie graph. Every sector is a colour. How big a sector is depending on its percentage. It actually looks really good after all the hard work. Below is a picture of my delicious pie graph, so tasty!

Pie chart



Next, we had a great big discussion. We had this discussion because everyone was not getting a hundred percent! Everyone except for a few of us. The teacher then realised (with my help) that the total number of cars is the culprit making every one have either over a hundred percent, or below a hundred percent. We then researched and found out that there were about 31,600 cars in the Macedon Ranges. Our totals were then very small to the great grand total of the Macedon Ranges. Our totals were about one percent. So, we found out that our total was not valid to be the whole Macedon Ranges total. Then we had to change our titles. Instead of the Macedon Ranges most popular car colours, it would have to be New Gisborne’s most popular car colours.

Well, now we had to see if our data matched up with a website that we found. The information on the website said that White, Black, Grey, and silver was 70% of the car colours out of 9000 cars. Actually, all my White, Black, Grey, and silver percentages added up to… 70%!

That was the end of the investigation. Now for a short reflection! What was the hardest thing in the investigation? I think that the hardest thing to do in the investigation was to actually record the information of the car colours. It was so, so hard because, you would have to walk around not knowing where you would be going and recording everything in your maths book. Also by the time I came back with body was aching.

Thank you for reading this post about my car colour investigation!

Here is a link to the website we used for information. Car colours.

Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore!

Hi there! It’s me again!

Yesterday, we watched a really fantastic short film called: Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. It was a show that had no dialogue! Imagine that! The only way the filmmaker could communicate to us watchers was to use music, expressions, and pictures. (Of course pictures! It’s a movie!)   Anyway, since you didn’t watch it, I will put the movie in words for you. Enjoy.

Mr. Morris Lessmore was writing peacefully in his book with his books, sitting on the veranda, in the middle of a town, in the middle of nowhere. Now, Mr. Morris Lessmore was more of a book worm. He enjoyed a good book. He also enjoyed writing them. Though, he hadn’t really ever written a book, but he was going to. He was already halfway through writing and drawing in the book when dark clouds flooded the sky. Like an army of darkness, it swarmed the blue blocking out the sun. All was still. Until, a little breeze picked up a couple of sheets of paper, and tossed them around like feathers. It wasn’t enough to break Mr. Morris’ concentration. He was focused on writing about his life experiences and drawing a picture of a jack in the box. All was still again, but the wind did not give up. It sent a fury of wind that ripped at the ground, scraping away at objects from the grasp of gravity.  From the heavens above, came down to earth, a tornado of devastation. The whole town was uprooted from the ground into the midst of flight. Mr. Morris was tossed around like a piece of dust in a vacuum cleaner, except, the vacuum cleaner was a deadly tornado. Everything was destroyed in a blur. Very soon the colour was sucked out of the town. That left Mr Morris on the ground with his book filled with blank pages. All the books that he owned were ripped apart and scattered all around the town. Mr Morris Lessmore got up and followed the trail of pages. At the end of the trail Mr Morris met a girl, flying in the sky, carried by flying books. The girl brought colour to the place, but not to the people like Mr Morris. The girl then sent down her book to guide Mr Morris, to the library.

Very soon he engaged a life of taking care of books and adding colour to people’s lives. He then soon got old and was carried away by another set of flying books. He then got back his youth and let his book go down back to the library to start a new beginning.

The message that I found in this short film, was that reading books bring happiness and colour to a person’s heart. I also found out that music can emphasise emotions and feelings.

Thank you for reading my post about the Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore. You can also search up on YouTube “Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore”. See ya next time!


Lights! Cameras! Action! Movie review: The Court Jester

For this holiday, I have been asked to write a movie review about the film: The Court Jester. It was filmed in 1955. It was directed by Melvin Frank, and Norman Panama. The fantastic show had a brilliant cast of Danny Kaye as “Hubert Hawkins”, Basil Rathbone as “Sir Ravenhurst”, Mildred Natwick as “Griselda the witch”, Angela Lansbury as “Princess Gwendolyn”, Glynis Johns as “Maid Jean”, Cecil Parker as “King Roderick 1”.

The story is about a group of rebels sheltering the young true heir of England. The rebels hide in the woods always running away from the false king of England and his royal guard. Hubert Hawkins the son of the Back Fox, goes on a quest with Jean to bring order to the kingdom. Their plan gets ushered on when the duo meet the great Giacomo, the king of jesters, and the jester of kings. Their plan is to get the key to the secret passage, and bring the young heir to the other side of the woods. How are they meant to get into the castle? Hubert dresses as the great Giacomo and enters the castle to get the key. But their plans are turned upside down when Giacomo is supposed to be a assassin for sir Ravenhurst and he is under a spell, by the witch Griselda, and Hubert has to get the key. How will he manage it all?

My favourite character is Hubert because he is a very talented man at making poems, rhymes and songs. He also has a funny expression and a humorous personality, and he is really funny.

One quote from the movie that I thought was very clever was this quote, Get it? Got it? Good. I think this because it is a very well know quote from the Court Jester. I also think that is would basically fit into anything you want to say to a person.

I would give this movie a star rating of 8 out of 10. Thank you for reading my movie review.

Hubert dressed as Giacomo, talking to sir Ravenhurst.



Griselda and the princess looking for Giacomo.

Hubert in a spell, asking for love to the princess.