Is there any correlation between a person’s height and the length of their foot?

Our class carried out an investigation about how long our feet were and whether there was a correlation with our height. We gathered the data on a graph just below this text.



Our team’s graph shows that Joseph and Cameron have the strongest correlation with their height and their length of their feet. I had the lowest correlation because I have feet that are bigger then what my size is. Jess had the fifth best correlation with her feet length to her size. Georgia had the fourth best correlation with her feet length and her height. Laura had the third best correlation with her feet length to her size.

The thing that I have learnt with this investigation is that from my graph, our height has no correlation with the length of our foot. I also learnt that making a graph is a very good way to compare things with each other.


Is Team Work, is good…


Joseph, Amy and me are doing effective research for our Passive energy house project.   

My team will need to be focused on the task so that we can get work done. Our team will also need to be organised and ready for our next tasks so that we can work faster and quicker. Our team also needs to organize roles for each team member so that everyone will be working and everything can be done. We will also need to communicate clearly so that everyone knows what they are meant to do and that it will be done properly. We will also need to respect each other ideas and thinking because we are all different and who knows! The idea might come useful sometime later in the project.